COVID - 19 Response: Support and Emergency Food Provision

Kia ora all, TCDT want to let you know that we are deemed as essential services. This means that our team are still working with our whaanau and available to support. However, this support has changed to align and function within the Governments guidelines. Essentially this means we will be phoning; texting; and connecting via Google Hangouts with the community. We will also be a part of emergency food provision to the community within Ministry of Health guidelines.  

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Kia kaha 

TCDT team 

About us

The service objectives of our Trust are to provide wrap-around social support services to whanau. This service can include: advocacy, long-term mentoring, specialised counselling for children, life-skills development and parenting support, enabling families to be self-determining and aspirational.  Our service delivery is culturally appropriate and effective.  The effectiveness of our work has grown because of our constant partnership with other agencies in the community.
Established in September 1995, the Trust works with families and children in the communities of Pt England, Panmure and Glen Innes.  Our vision is to see a community of people who are educated, employed, empowered and reaching their potential.  We want to see children happy, healthy and thriving. 

What People (Organisations) Say About Us

"Pt England staff and management are very grateful to the Tamaki Community (Development) Trust for providing the school with such valuable and diverse set of supports that have proved year after year to make measurable and highly significant positive changes to the lives of children and their families."  Delwyn Jarman, Past Associate Principal, Pt England School

"At Pt England we have long believed that 'it takes a village to raise a child' and we are hugely grateful for the input and contribution of TCDT, they are an extremely valuable resource for our school and the community we serve".  Toni Nua, Associate Principal, Pt England School.

"..the TCDT workers offer a down to earth, practical and often more immediate response to these families needs.  The workers are very in-tune with our community and families and know just how much support to give..."  Rhonda Kelly, Principal, Tamaki Primary School.

"The Tamaki Community Development Trust' provide a more holistic, pastoral support system with our families and we work closely together, in order to get the best possible outcomes and positive change.  This team approach is invaluable.  The Community Workers always go the extra mile to support our families and make themselves available to attend important meetings or to have a team discussion.  They work so hard to achieve positive outcomes for families and their increasing level of skill is apparent by the results they are receiving."  Georgia Jensen-Proctor, Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour, Nga Manu Awhina - Cluster 8.

"It is fair to say that without the work of the Tamaki Community Developement Trust in the community there would have been many families and individuals lost along the way.  It is changing things today, that there is hope for tomorrow" Kathryn Moore, Deputy Principal, Tamaki College.

What our Clients say about us

"...has been a big inspiration to my big family.  This organisation is very fantastic..."

"... her willingness to learn about my son's special needs...her love and understanding for the boys..she puts other people's needs ahead of hers and she cares alot about the community, the families....she is a very special person...thankyou for helping us and being there for us..."

"..has been amazing and very helpful with everything that I needed help with..."

"..helped my Dad when he was drunk..took care of me..."

" a wonderful, caring lady who works so hard for her community.  She gave our family support and love at times of need.  Thank you so much..."

"..helped my son at school and it made a big difference on his learning and behaviour..."

Vision Partnership For Change

We have built partnerships with both government and non-government agencies (e.g. schools) to enable us to provide a quality service that is free to the community.

Mission Statement

To WORK in PARTNERSHIP within a Community Led Development Framework that provides high quality accessible services and develops interdependent people and strong families.


Donate to help us help the children and families in our Community.

Our People

Nick Mulqueeney, Director/Kaiwhakahaere

After four years away, Nick has returned as our Director at TCDT. He oversee's the operational and strategic direction of our agency, as well as our service delivery in the community. He has a diverse background in community development within the social sector and in the design and delivery of learning experiences and workshops in the tertiary and corporate sector. He arrives back at TCDT after being the National Trainer at Lifeline Aotearoa, where he oversaw the organisations internal training needs and well as deliver wellbeing workshops within businesses such as Heartland Bank; 2 Degrees and Lion Breweries.

Lynette Simpson, Executive Officer/Treasurer

Lynette manages the day to day running of the Trust and handles all administration, accounting and funding affairs. Lynette has 19 years of Banking, Auditing and Finance experience. She has a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Financial Management (USP) and has a Masters Degree in Professional Accounting from the Auckland University of Technology. Lynette also works in the community with children and young people and coordinates the Maths homework section of the AfterSchool club at the Trust.

She is Treasurer of the Trust and also serves on The Streams Community Charitable Trust Board. 

Sirikit Diaz, Family Worker

Sirikit works with families in the community providing them with mentoring, advocacy and life skills support. Siri collaborates with a number of like-minded agencies in Tamaki, ensuring children are involved in quality after school programmes such as the Girls personal care section in the AfterSchool club and the ART club.

She has been a Facilitator of "Building Awesome Whanau" parenting programme. Part of Siri's role has her involved in student crisis support & supporting famiies to attend the Power Up Program, family group conferences where she is a voice for the families and meetings with teachers, principals, RTLB's, doctors and other professionals working with and around the families. 

Roxanne Adams, Family Worker

Roxanne, who is also a Trustee on the Board of the Dunkirk Activity Centre, works with families in the community providing them with mentoring, advocacy and life skills support.
Roxanne collaborates with a number of like-minded agencies in Tamaki, ensuring children are involved in quality after school programmes such as Kapa Haka; Netball, and Art. She was a Facilitator of "Building Awesome Whanau" parenting programme and has a long term and practical approach when partnering with families. You will often see Roxanne driving around the local community with a van load of children or delivering bread and food. 
Roxanne is continuing her studies towards a Bachelor's in Social Work at the Te Wanaga o Aotearoa.

Osaiasi Kupu, Social Worker, Tamaki College

Osaiasi has 15 years of  experience in the Social Work sector. Osaiasi's passion is to give people hope and to help them reach their full potential. He has developed and facilitated a Children witnessing Violence program and was also a facilitator for the Fa'afaletui Men's Stopping Violence Program - which is the only approved Pacific Domestic Violence Program in NZ.  Osaiasi has also facilitated programs at Mens prisons and is a founding member of the Ranui Action Project Trust and the Mohetaha Incorporated Society. Ozee (as he is known) works with students in the local College and goes above and goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to providing support and encouragement to our young people.

Selwyn Motu, Mentor for Boys.

Selwyn works as the Youth Pastor for Tamaki Community Church and also works concurrently for the Trust on the Mentor's Contract for at risk young boys.
Selwyn, a gentle giant, is a fine role model for these young boys when looking for someone to aspire to. 

Board Memebers

Russell Burt, Chairperson
Russell is one of the co-founders, pioneers and a longstanding member on the board of Tamaki Community Development Trust. He is the Principal of Pt England Primary School. Experienced in overseas education to the third world, he currently operates a number of youth programmes for local children. Russell has a passion for children and families in the Tamaki community to experience their true potential. Russell and his wife Dorothy are the champions of the Manaiakalani initiative which, among other things, have implemented student practice using the media and technologies of e-learning.

Geoff Sturt, Secretary
Geoff is a long serving member of the Tamaki Community Development Trust. He is the owner and operator of Sturt Landscaping, and employs local staff in his business. Geoff also coaches local youth sports teams and has experience in Counselling. Geoff was born in Papua New Guinea and lived there for a number of years. He has always had a heart for working with the community in need.

Mary Samuels, Trustee
Mary is one of the co-founders and a longstanding member of the Tamaki Community Development Trust. She has overseas experience in aid and holistic support to third world countries. Mary has a passion to see the people of our community restored from the tragic circumstances of life that often leave them broken and hurting.

Graeme Clarke, Trustee
Graeme has served in the teaching profession and is also a long serving Elder of the Church - where he and his wife Jenny take an active role in serving the people of this community.

Joel Hamilton, Trustee
Joel joined the Board in August of 2015.  Joel is a software developer and technology enthusiast  and works with Youth in the Community.

Nikki Ireland, Trustee
Nikki is a new addition to the Tamaki Community Development Trust.  She has spent many years in the business private sector and is currently involved in running a Lodge providing safe and affordable accommodation for the disadvantaged and those struggling in life.  She has a heart for our culturally diverse community after spending time on the overseas mission fields and currently volunteers at Pt England School.